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We are a hospitality technology provider specializing in restaurant, bar, quick serve, mobile and retail. We incorporate technology into your business to drive revenue through customer retention, loyalty and buying behavior. We are sensitive to to the demand for socially conscious practices.
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One Size Does Not Fit All

Each customer has a unique set of needs and circumstances, yet too often Point of Sale systems are sold as if there is a single product that works for everyone. At consciousPOS we pride ourselves in matching software and hardware to our customers’ needs. If you don’t see it here, just ask. Consider us your concierge for all things POS!

Online Ordering Interface & Tracking w/ Analytics

A powerful, convenient, and time-saving tool for customers and restaurants alike. Restaurateurs looking to increase customer service and convenience for their fast paced guests can leverage existing menu data or create exclusive internet specials with this unique, POS interface.

Branded Mobile Ordering & Integration

Speed up your POS order entry time and maximize table turns with Mobile POS Workstations. Capitalize on the same, trusted Point of Sale functionality, now with the freedom of hand held connectivity and the benefit of secure table-side credit card payments and receipt printing.

Property Management Interface

Utilize RPOWER‘s POS to Hotel/PMS Interface for posting billing to guest rooms and folio accounts. This RPOWER interface is available for most Property Management Systems including: Micros/Fidelio, Encore, Lodging Link, System 21, AutoClerk, etc.

Touch-Enabled Kitchen Video System

Go Paperless! Kitchen Video Display Software requires no third party integration or additional POS workstations. KDS runs as a secondary display from your already existing point-of-sale workstation.

Integrated Hardware Peripherals

With over 17 years of software maturity, your POS System can integrate with a wide variety of hardware peripherals; from the industry standard impact, thermal and label printers to DVR camera integrations and automated coin dispensers.

Inventory Tracking Integrations

Utilize POS’s own internal Inventory Module or choose to have POS extract and post all of your POS product sales data to a variety of thrid party inventory software and systems including: ChefTec, FoodTrak, When To Manage, Compeat, Freepour, Scannabar, Bevinco and many more.

Time Clock Module

Keeps you in control of your employees with a fully integrated, POS Time Clock Module. Tip tracking, Employee Breaks and Labor Reporting provide the tools to manage your labor effectively. Restrict employee clock-in/out times and share employee sales data with one of our Labor Scheduling software partners.

Caller-ID with Last Order Recall

Each inbound call is available within the software, so phone orders can be initiated by confirming the caller’s account or creating a new one. Customer order history data can be stored for simple one-touch re-ordering, making recurring orders a snap.



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Consciously Part of the Solution

We are the industry leader for eco-friendly, sustainable, & green POS systems & services. We are sensitive to the demand for environmentally & socially conscious practices and will always have a solution that is right for you. We have over twenty years experience and define our success by achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

We will provide your business with the tools and resources you need to reduce your costs AND your environmental footprint. Our expertise, acquired through years of experience designing POS systems tailored for the individual needs of each client, makes us uniquely qualified to assess your current operations, make recommendations, and guide you through a step-by-step implementation.

In addition, we also extensively train and educate your staff.

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Proud to be Trusted by Industry Leaders Worldwide

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First Data

Cloud Reporting, Loyalty, & Analytics

Take advantage of all information technology and wide array of POS system integrations. Minimize management time and expand the use of your POS data with the myriad of available POS data integrations.

ConsciousPOS uses on-site environmental assessments of your current business practices to make targeted and sustainable recommendations, and we don’t stop there. We facilitate implementation and provide the resources and tools to execute environmentally-conscious policies and practices.


Branded Mobile Ordering

It is a fact that 34% of all online orders come from a mobile app; representing an overall market of over $210B world wide. Statistics that continue to climb, year after year; slotted to reach over 70% of market share by 2021; the verdict is easy to see here. Mobile ordering is a must. ConsciousPOS understands this and so provides a native branded mobile ordering service; designed and developed extensively for each client. Gone are the days of generic layouts; each app is custom branded to their own aesthetic.

From a rigorous security vetting process to state of the art encryption; each online order is fully PCI compliant and integrates with many of the popular Point of Sale systems available today. Fast, secure, and easy to use; average ticket increases of 17% are a common sighting among our clients. Call today to schedule a free consultation on your next step to mobile ordering. For 0% commission and only a single monthly fee; the time is now.

All branded mobile apps are developed exclusively for Apple and Android mobile devices; additionally, online integration web orders all flow through the same system. Seamlessly integrate your mobile ordering with your website for 0% commission.


Online Integration

Have a website? Need online ordering? Want to pay 0% commission for unlimited ordering? We have that too. Quickly and painlessly integrate your branded mobile app directly into your existing website.

0% Commission & Unlimited Ordering

0% commission on unlimited orders. Some ordering companies charge up to 20% or more. With us, it’s one flat monthly fee. We integrate your ordering system via your app and any existing website you may have; all to one place.

POS Integration & Live Sync

Orders will either synchronize directly into your POS or via fax, email, SMS, management app, or WiFi printer. We have worked extensively with many industry leading POS providers to integrate seamlessly with your app. Life is easier with us!

Full Data Control, Analytics, & Reporting

You own all of your customer’s data through an easy to navigate database. Easily market to opt-in customers without having to pay more. Custom reporting, menu performance, and more in-depth analysis easily available.


We understand Technology

Click below to wiew some of the powerful features and solutions that ConsciousPOS tailors to your business.

Pixel Point POS

Pixel Point POS

Functions & Guides
Adapt POS 

Adapt POS

EMV Bridging & Table-side Payments
Reflection POS 

Reflection POS

RHQ Cloud Computing via NCC
Proper preparation prevents poor performance.
Management Theory 101
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The Complete Restaurant Management Platform

Do you need one single software solution that manages your entire restaurant; while remaining easy to use, works across all devices, fully multi-locations, and is affordable? We have exactly what you are looking for.

Scheduling & Labor Management

Scheduling & labor management shouldn’t be a difficult task and with us; it simply isn’t. Building employee schedules, setting new policies, promotions, menu changes and other important information is a breeze, setting up the foundation for collaboration among all in-house employees. Good preparation is tantamount to good communication.

Inventory & Recipe Management

Staying consistent in food preparation and ingredient control is key to managing food costs. Quickly build recipes, engineer entire menus along with full nutritional analysis. This eliminates food waste and keeps your inventory control on point by removing the guesswork and streamlining the revenue process. Stock what you need when you need it.

Forecasting & Analytics

Take the guesswork out of inventory and purchasing; run full analytics from data that has been steadily collected by your purchasing behavior. Process, analyze, and report; this brings pertinent data and information directly to your decision makers via custom dashboards, alerts, and even future forecasts. You know what to buy and when.

Our Service

We Are Good At What We Do

Each completed project makes us even more passionate in delivery real-world performance. Every client is treated as if we were investing time and energy in our own business; we see every opportunity to streamline business functions and raise revenue as a challenge. As a result we deliver a better business experience.

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Business Development & Expansion


Our Clients

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below
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Diverse Industries

We are experienced delivering results across multiple industries; our clients are as varied as the solutions we offer. It is this knowledge that enables us to have a certain perspective when it comes to working with clients in these industries. We’re good at what we do.
The technologies applied will be based on a thorough analysis of needs; each representing a unique case with its own set of individual challenges. We treat every business client as a partner and invest ourselves as a part of their success.

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